Interview with José Buscaglia Guillermety on July 11, 2019

CENTRO: 100 Puerto Ricans Oral History Project, 2013-

Buscaglia discusses what it means to be a Puerto Rican artist and culturist and shares significant life events that defined his career as sculptor and educator. 

Part One 00:00:00 Buscaglia begins by discussing the role of culture, identity and freedom in art 00:05:19. He explains the origins and characteristics of the open studio process, which he instituted at the University of Puerto Rico. 00:12:52 He goes on to describe his own artistic training under the Catalan Master Sculptor, Enrique Monjo, during his college years. 00:33:44 Buscaglia reminisces about his first teacher and mentor in Puerto Rico and how at an early age his parents identified his talent for sculpture. 00:41:16 He goes on to describe his father, a key political figure in Puerto Rico in the 1940s, and his mother, an opera singer. 00:48:58 Buscaglia reflects on his education at Harvard University and talks about several influential figures he met there including Robert Frost.

Part Two 00:00:00 In the second half of the interview, Buscaglia describes two significant events that marked his career. The first, the Civil War in Dominican Republic and the assassination of Trujillo that set the stage for the execution of various Puerto Rican monuments 00:14:20. The second, his collaboration with Venezuela on the Intelligence Project. 00:40:55 Buscaglia ends by reflecting on excellence in art production, the role of genetics and the environment in creative intelligence and his concern for humanity.

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José Buscaglia Guillermety
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