The Livable City

Carlos Ortiz Papers, 1940s-2006

Table of contents page clipping from The Livable City, with a statement reading "The Livable City focuses on the South Bronx, the most unlivable part of our city. With its five hundred acres of vacant land, it has become a national symbol of urban depair. But empty land, close to midtown Manhattan, close to rivers and terminals, is also a tremendous resource, and the South Bronx, Phoenix-like, is ready to rise. Here, then, is another New York - a war zone with hope."

July 1979, Date accepted
Carlos Ortiz
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South Bronx (is referenced)
Carlos Ortiz Papers, 1940s-2006. The Livable City: CaOr_b02_f01_0001. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 06 Aug 2020.
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