Vélez Mitchell on Channel 47

Anita Vélez Mitchell Papers, 1950s-2013

Anita Vélez Mitchell, artist Margarita de Mena (b. 1914) and actress Carla Pinza (b. 1942) prepare for a television interview. The three were life-long friends and also collaborated in various artistic projects. De Mena was the scenographer for Vélez Mitchell's stage adaptation of Unamuno's "San Manuel Bueno y Martir" which was presented at the De Mena Gallery on 93rd Street in New York City on April 1978. Channel 47 was created in 1965 targeted to the Latino communities in New York and New Jersey.

Anita Vélez Mitchell
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Margarita de Mena, Carla Pinza
Anita Vélez Mitchell Papers, 1950s-2013. Vélez Mitchell on Channel 47: AVMi_b_f_0196_front. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 28 Oct 2020.
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