Vélez Mitchell at APE

Anita Vélez Mitchell Papers, 1950s-2013

James Buckley (standing in front of microphone) presents Anita Velez Mitchell (next to him touching her ear) as the new president of the APE (Association of Puerto Rican Writers) during the 1973 initiation ceremony. Vélez Mitchell wrote: "Senator Buckley spoke Spanish--a surprise to all. Gratefull we helped him being elected by the Puerto Rican voters enthused by Velez-Mitchell." Photo: Jerome Blanco.

1973, Date accepted
Anita Vélez Mitchell
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James Buckley, Association of Puerto Rican Writers
Anita Vélez Mitchell Papers, 1950s-2013. Vélez Mitchell at APE: AVMi_b_f_0181_front. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 19 Sep 2020.
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