Logia 4797. Vanguardia Puertorriqueña

Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974

Letter written by S. Morgenheim of the New York City Board of Education on behalf of other New York City teachers concerning a lack of student enrollment in free evening English and citizenship classes in Brooklyn, NY. Morgenheim requested that Mr. Ortiz post the letter, including a Spanish translation, in "a conspicuous location." Information on class schedules was included.

March 5, 1951, Date accepted
Jesús Colón
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Bilingual education
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New York City. Board of Education
Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974. Logia 4797. Vanguardia Puertorriqueña: JeCo_b17_f12_0001. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 12 Aug 2020.
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