Vito Marcantonio flyer

Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974

Flyer for the election of Vito Marcantonio. The caption at the top reads "Venga A Ver Y Oir A Nuestro Vito Marcantonio, Candidato a alcade por el A.L.P." (Come to See and Hear Our Vito Marcantonio, candidate for Mayor of the A.L.P." The flyer lists his accomplishments in supporting the Puerto Rican community, and includes Jesús Colón amongst the speakers at his campaign event, held at Public School 142.

September 29, 1949, Date accepted
Jesús Colón

Public School 142

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Vito Marcantonio, Jesús Colón
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Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974. Vito Marcantonio flyer: JeCo_b28_f05_0004. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 05 Aug 2020.
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