Recommendation letter for Jesús Colón

Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974

Personal notes of Jesús Colón's collection, including a note of recommendation from Jesús Colón's employer at Mme. Simcox Gowns, reading as "Dec. 23, 1922. To Whom it May Concern, This is to certify that J. Colón has been in my employ the last three years as porter and delivery boy. I have found him intelligent, honest, and mischevious. He leaves of his own accord. I am glad to recommend him if anyone is requiring his services. Mme. Simcox."

The additional note from Edward A. Teplow (relative of Clara Colón) reads as the following "Dear Bert, 3-19-58, I found the attached in my file - is this what you wanted? Sorry not to have seen you before you left. How is everything going? Hope [illegible] been able to contact you. Please forgive the rush [illegible] love for all. Ed"

December 23, 1922, Date accepted
Jesús Colón
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Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974. Recommendation letter for Jesús Colón: JeCo_b01_f05_0169. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 14 Aug 2020.
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