Interview with Ricardo Fernández on July 10, 2019

CENTRO: 100 Puerto Ricans Oral History Project, 2013-

In this interview, Fernández describes his parents, growing up in Puerto Rico and significant higher education experiences that led him to become President of Lehman College President, a position he would serve in for 26 years.

Part One 00:00:00 He begins by describing his mother and father and his early years in Santurce, Puerto Rico. 00:07:32 In continuation, he describes memories related to the 1950s nationalist revolts that took place at and around his high school. 00:13:23 He goes on to discuss why he chose Marquette University for his undergraduate degree and his early experiences living and studying in Milwaukee. 00:21:40 He compares the Midwest to the East Coast, while working on his PhD at Princeton University. 00:26:05 Fernández shares details about his transition to teaching at Marquette University and his involvement in the Latino community. 00:35:54 He describes his role as Director for the Spanish Speaking Outreach Institute Director at the University of Wisconsin, and how this experience raised his awareness of the need for Spanish literature departments to become more inclusive 00:47:16 Fernández reflects on raising bilingual children while getting involved in bilingual education policy.

Part Two 00:00:00 He discusses leading one of the first technical assistance centers designed to provide training and support to school districts on desegregation and the needs of English Language Learners. 00:10:30 In the last half of the interview, Fernández shares his collaboration with the Center for Puerto Rican Studies and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund that leads him to consider the top leadership position at Lehman College in New York City. 00:20:55 He discusses his move to the Bronx and his first impressions of Lehman College 00:32:00 Fernández ends the interview by sharing his thoughts on leadership and notable mentors in his life and career.

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Ricardo Fernández
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