Interview with Alma Rubal-Lopez on August 6, 2013

CENTRO: 100 Puerto Ricans Oral History Project, 2013-

Due to the length of this interview session, it is broken into two media files.

Clip 1: 00:00:00 In this second interview, Rubal-Lopez reflects on her early life, and her parents' background. 00:15:46 She describes her family, including how her parents raised her and her siblings, and she reflects on her sister. 00:31:40 Rubal-Lopez reflects on her experiences of living in New York City and being raised in the Bronx. She also discusses her experiences living in Puerto Rico. 00:47:20 She describes the struggle of going forward to obtain an education. 01:00:00 Rubal-Lopez reflects on her job in a jail where she met her husband. She also mentions the discrimination she experienced in the work place. 01:15:09 Rubal-Lopez describes the experiences of working in a correctional center, including being sexually harassed and being attacked by an inmate. 01:31:50 She continues to share her memories from working in a correctional center, mentioning a situation in which an inmate was killed.

Clip 2: 00:00:00 Rubal-Lopez describes the job she got at two colleges in New York, Borough of Manhattan Community College and Brooklyn College. She mentions her experiences as a Latino activist, including being part of the voting staff at these colleges. 00:15:46 Rubal-Lopez describes the moment she had to move to New York from New Jersey. She shares her experiences of being pregnant while she was working at Borough of Manhattan Community College. She also mentions her experiences of working at Brooklyn College. 00:31:30 She reflects on her graduate school experience while pursuing her Ph.D. She also shares the experience of writing a book, On Becoming Nuyoricans. 00:47:15 Rubal-Lopez describes the struggle of doing a Ph.D degree. She also mentions her sister as her motivation and support during the Ph.D process. 00:59:60 Rubal-Lopez discusses her father's position in politics in New York. 01:03:02 Audio cuts out for the remainder of the interview session (00:27:56 total.)

August 7, 2013, Recording date
Alma Rubal-Lopez
Shakti Castro
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Alicia de Diego, Jose De Diego, Angie Lopez, Geraldo Rivera, Caswell Lathan, Malcolm X, Humberto Pagan Hernandez , Carmen Rosario, Iran Lopez, Eduardo Seda Bonilla, Ramon Figueroa, City University of New York. Brooklyn College, City University of New York. Borough Of Manhattan Community College, Klu Klux Klan
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