Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee Rally

Ruth M. Reynolds Papers, 1915-1989

Pamphlet for the Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee Rally, held at Madison Square Garden to fight colonialism and to raise support of the independence movement for Puerto Rico.

October 27, 1974, Date accepted
Ruth M. Reynolds
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Document: pamphlets
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Colonialism, Commonwealth, International relations, Socialism, Latino affairs
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Puerto Rican Solidarity Day Committee, Madison Square Garden
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Madison Square Garden (is referenced), New York City (is referenced), Puerto Rico (is referenced)
Ruth M. Reynolds Papers, 1915-1989. Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee Rally: RMRe_b24_f02_0003_front. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 11 Aug 2020.
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