Vélez Mitchell collage

Anita Vélez Mitchell Papers, 1950s-2013

Collage photo of popular author of "Hawaii" James Michener (seated left) and Vélez Mitchell's husband Pearse Mitchell (1916-1983) (seated right) with a cut/paste photo of the face of Vélez Mitchell (far right). On the back of the photo: "During a recess of the musical West Side Story (Summer Stock) where Anita performed the role of Anita." All her life Vélez Mitchell composed all sorts of collages, usually humorous, made of drawings and photos from different sources (magazine, newspapers, and other photos).  Her papers at the Centro Library & Archives contain many of these.

1960s, Date accepted
Anita Vélez Mitchell
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James Michener, Pearse Mitchell
Anita Vélez Mitchell Papers, 1950s-2013. Vélez Mitchell collage: AVMi_b_f_216_front. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 13 Aug 2020.
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