Manhattan Opera House

Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974

Manuscript calling for a conference for justice after the Nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos was beaten and arrested, along with other Nationalists. Police killed and wounded many people at a Nationalist demonstration, and the article calls for an end to police brutality, freeing political prisoners, and ensuring civil rights for Puerto Ricans. A form is attached to send to delegates in order to enact positive political change.

March 24, 1937, Date accepted
Jesús Colón

Manhattan Opera House

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Document: manuscripts
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Activism, Political prisoners, Police brutality, Community, Injustice, Protests
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Pedro Albizu Campos
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Manhattan (is referenced)
Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974. Manhattan Opera House: JeCo_b21_f01_0003_pg01. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 14 Aug 2020.
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