Detenga la Expropiacion en Vieques

Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974

Flyer drawing attention to the expropriation of Vieques, Puerto Rico, where the United States Navy had been conducting military practice exercises, 1999. Beneath the flyer's title, "DETENGA La Expropiación en Vieques" ("Stop the Expropriation of Vieques"), is a map of Vieques showing the division of property between Puerto Rico and American military forces. Often called the Navy-Vieques protests, the death of United States Navy civilian employee David Sanes Rodriguez by an errant Mk82 bomb in 1999 enflamed an already simmering situation fueled by U.S. Navy presence on Vieques, Puerto Rico. The United States purchased the majority of Vieques through compensated expropriation in the 1940s, later using the area for bomb and missile target practice and ground exercises. The population of Vieques began showing an unusually high cancer rate that many blamed on US military practices on the island. After Sanes' death, protesters began illegally entering the practice grounds in acts of civil disobedience, which soon became an international movement. In 2003, the US military began moving out of Vieques.

1999, Date accepted
Jesús Colón
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Document: leaflets
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Activism, Civil disobedience, Human rights, Protests
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Vieques, PR (is referenced)
Jesús Colón Papers, 1901-1974. Detenga la Expropiacion en Vieques: JeCo_b21_f01_0005. Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library & Archives, Hunter College, CUNY. Web. 08 May 2021.
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