Interview with Carmen Mercado on November 1, 2019

CENTRO: 100 Puerto Ricans Oral History Project, 2013-

In this interview, Mercado discusses her upbringing, her teaching experience at one of the first bilingual schools in New York City and her career as a literacy educator and professor at Hunter College.

Part One 00:00:00 She begins by sharing memories of her parents and early years growing up in el Barrio. 00:18:31 She goes on to describe the move to the Bronx and early education experiences. 00:24:28 She reflects on high school, her transition to Queens College and her introduction to teaching. 00:33:14 Mercado describes CS211, a unique, open-space bilingual school model created by Dr. Carmen Rivera. 00:42:50 She explains the socio-political aspects of bilingual education including language status, equity, staffing and resources. 00:53:32 Mercado discusses her departure from CS211, her doctoral studies and the power of learning communities.
Part Two 00:00:00 In the second half of the interview, Mercado begins by discussing the challenges and essential components of high quality bilingual education programs. 00:06:30 She describes the importance of action research and the demands of teaching. 00:13:40 Mercado reflects on her Puerto Rican identity in the context of higher education. 00:20:20 She identifies problematic trends in literacy instruction and how education faculty can choose to be change agents while navigating a complex system. 00:30:20 In conclusion, Mercado refers to a quote from her book on collective agency.

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