Interview with Jorge Camuñas Muñiz on September 5, 2019

CENTRO: 100 Puerto Ricans Oral History Project, 2013-

In this interview, Camuñas describes his life growing up in Santurce, Puerto Rico, his career as a thoracic surgeon and the founding of the Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York. Part One 00:00:00 He begins by discussing the motivation behind the Hispanic Genealogical Society toward the end of his medical career. 00:12:25 He shares details about his ancestry while doing research in Puerto Rico and talks about how genetics and socialization work together to influence a person’s culture. 00:18:45 Camuñas recalls his early years growing up in Puerto Rico and shares memories about his parents. 00:31:50 He describes his education experience at Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola and Georgetown University. 00:41:44 He reflects on the role of culture and assimilation after moving to United States and his affinity for Georgetown Medical School. 00:53:14 Camuñas discusses his work at Harlem Hospital and why he chose thoracic surgery as his specialty.
Part Two 00:00:00 In the second half of the interview, Camuñas starts by recalling Harlem in the 1970s and the variety of patients he treated. 00:07:45 He shares one story about how his excellent reputation as a surgeon reached a family member in Puerto Rico. 00:12:40 Camuñas discusses teaching medical students and residents at Mt. Sinai Hospital 00:16:30 He reflects on the changes in the medical field during that period and his transition to the VA hospital in the Bronx. 00:30:15 Camuñas reflects on embracing one’s Puerto Rican identity in order to build resilience and strength. He concludes by referring back to the role of the Hispanic Genealogical Society in this important work.

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