Interview with Jacqueline Centeno on July 24, 2018

CENTRO: 100 Puerto Ricans Oral History Project, 2013-

00:00:00 Centeno reflects on her family's interaction while growing up, due to her father’s job in the military. Centeno describes how she and her family moved between Puerto Rico and New York several times, and as a result she was exposed to both cultures and traditions.  00:05:20 Centeno indicates that her parents always instilled in her and her siblings to be proud of their roots.  She describes how she was very active in diverse cultural, political and church groups, and how her idea was to give something to somebody else.  00:08:06 Centeno emphasizes that boundaries should be respected at all levels.  00:09:10 She describes moving to Orlando, FL in 1996, and teaching in the public school system for the past 21 years. she reflects on how teachers in Florida are overworked and underpaid, students are overtested and lack respect for their teachers, and parents are disconnected from the school board and schools.  00:15:30 Centeno shares her finding that over 10,000 students in Orange Co, FL are living in cars, streets or with family, and schools are not providing the adequate services that they should, such as counselors and food pantries.  00:22:00 Centeno explains that in Central Florida, Hispanics are divided, and even in local elections, Hispanic candidates are fighting against each other. She mentions that in non-presidential elections, just 8% of Hispanics vote.  00:26:00 Centeno indicates that Central Florida is not a cohesive community, with too many organizations or clubs competing against each other instead of joining forces to give what the community needs. In addition, health services, housing, and family situations are not addressed properly.  00:46:10 Centeno declares that during the big exodus after Hurricane Maria, small clubs and community groups were the first and only responders, and she thinks that the city and governmental institutions should take charge.  00:59:00 She states that Hispanics have to be represented at all levels. 

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Jacqueline Centeno
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La Casa de Puerto Rico, Asociación Borinqueña, Orange County Public Schools
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1996, Date mentioned
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