Genoveva de Arteaga

Individual, Genoveva de Arteaga

Accomplished musician and educator Genoveva de Arteaga (1898-1991) was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. De Arteaga moved to New York City in 1928 upon receiving a scholarship to the New York College of Music, becoming an instructor at the school after graduatiing in 1922. She returned to Puerto Rico in 1927 to teach high school, founding the Chopin Music Academy in 1929 that became the renowned San Juan Conservatory of Music in 1933. De Arteaga continued to perform as a pianist and organist, and served in numerous cultural and artistic capacities in both Puerto Rico and New York City, such as performing free concerts in schools and churches, and helping to found the New York Folkloric Festival and the Baroque Music Society.

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