CENTRO: Puerto Ricans in New York - Voices of the Migration

Collection, PRNYVM

Puerto Ricans in New York: Voices of the Migration was a three year oral history project by the Centro Oral History Task Force intent on interviewing, among others, community leaders, garment workers and pioneros (early community settlers) and retrieving primary source materials. It was a multi-pronged project that resulted in several public presentations on the Puerto Rican migration experience, including the Comunidades: Extended Roots from Hawaii to New York, Migraciones Puertorriqueños a los Estados Unidos Conference and Workshop, and in the acquisition of Centro's first archival collections on community activist Jesús Colón and photographer Justo A. Martí. In addition, it spawned a side project on women garment workers, "Nosotras Trabajamos en la Costura," which included an award winning radio program and slide show, as well as an environmental installation called "Paisaje de Sudor y Sentimiento."

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